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Want the perfect wig?!

So that we can suit everyones needs and requirements we offer custom made wigs with a huge choice of design options.

We start with a cap choice which can be a choice from a standard cap with monofilament top or front, lace fronts, full lace caps with or without a silicone option or our new and very popular option of a fully laced standard cap which gives you the benefit of having a realistic lace wig but also the ease of just being able to put it on without the use of adhesives!

I offer a choice of a silk base on my wigs which are the ultimate choice for realism! This creates the look of the hair growing straight from your scalp!

Once a cap design has been thoroughly discussed, measurements are then taken to ensure the perfect fit.

We will then discuss the many hair choices which can suit your needs and budget. We can use hair which can last under a year to keep the cost lower or hair that can last a couple of years or you have a European hair option which can last 3+ years. 

There is a range of lengths that you can choose from as well as the perfect density.

To make your free appointment to discuss in more detail about our custom wigs please use our contact page :)